Miniware Travel Set - Elephant Grey Bag + Natural Bamboo Cereal Bowl

Bring miniware everywhere you travel !


Give your mini-me their very own special place setting that grows with them! All of the dishes are made from sustainable natural bamboo making it safe for your baby and the earth, as well. A removable suctioned base helps prevent spills, too! The design is unique and functional and the quality of these pieces give them a sophisticated look you love and your kids won't break!


The bamboo fiber used is not only safe for you & your baby, but our earth as well. When the product meets the end of its life-cycle, it is safe to burn or break down in soil, just like plants.


Made by organic cotton with a layer of food level TPU inner liner. It is spacious that you can bring multiple miniwares with you on the road, or you can put all the baby gears you need all together! The food level TPU make it easy to clean all the potential greasiness.

Key Features-

  • Made with 100% natural materials
  • First eco tableware provides 100% clear ingredients label
  • All colors are made with natural food-grade dyes
  • Detachable suction foot that grows with your family
  • Promotes self-feeding
  • Easy to stack and store
  • Biodegradable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe, resist temperatures up to 284F/140C
  • Approved by SGS, FDA & RoHS
  • Modern & simple design
  • Recommended by Editors Pick and Ministyle Blog

Miniware Travel Set - Elephant Grey Bag + Natural Bamboo Cereal Bowl

HK$495.00 Regular Price
HK$421.00Sale Price
  • 100% Natural and Organic Eco-friendly Tableware-


    Different from other plastic and chemical bamboo made children's tableware, this is the first eco tableware which provides 100% clear ingredients label.


    Antibacterial and non-toxic bamboo fiber is used as the raw materials and it contains 100% natural raw materials : 40% Bamboo Fiber , 40% Vege Starch , 20% Resin powder.


    The tableware is certificated with SGS, FDA & RoHS.


    Every Day Dishwasher Safe-


    Unlike many other bamboo products and composites which add plastics or chemicals our tableware are dishwasher safe for daily use and can resist temperatures up to 284F/140C.

    Please carefully read detailed cleaning and dishwasher instructions that come in the box, do not use a steam feature as this will shorten the life of your set.

    The Smart Detachable Suction Foot Design-


    The design allows your child to learn to feed themselves with all kinds of food. Unlike other baby bowls with a permanently attached suction foot, Miniware will continuously grow with your little ones when they are ready to move on.

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