Body Wash/Shower Gel vs Commercial Soap vs Natural Handmade Soap, Which One You Choose?

2 days ago, a news reported about the toxic substance - 1,4-dioxane which is used in many bathing products like shampoo,lotions and soap, is just identified as carcinogen. Yet, companies are not required to list it on the product labels.

Since increasing numbers of cancer-caused chemical are being identified in commercial bathing and personal care products, if we want to keep our skin healthy and clean, reduce exposure to those chemical, what other alternatives we have?

Read carefully the product label and understand the ingredients before you choose your bathing products (body wash/shower gel/shampoo) :

Most common chemicals which are used in bathing products such as body wash and shower gel are DBP, DEP, DM and Formaldehyde may raise the concerns of male reproductive system damage and skin irritation. Fragrance used to bring scent in personal skincare products like perfume, parfum or aroma may bring out the concerns like skin irritation, allergic reactions, cancer or reproductive toxicity with long-term exposure. Parabens may cause hormone-disruptors. SLS may cause the skin irritation, possible impurity contamination.

Though it is unlikely to get cancer by using these products alone but studies show that using products that contains phthalates,triclosan,musks and parabens may disturb the hormone’s normal functioning.

So what about the commercial soaps ?

Commercial soaps are actually made with detergents, synthetic lathering chemicals and preservatives. They’re drying, irritate the skin, and leave behind a film that damage your skin’s natural ph level.

Dermatology research has shown that the drying effect of commercial detergent based soap actually damages the stratum corneum layer in the first level of the skin. This layer functions like a shield to keep your skin from microbes, viruses and bacteria in our living environment. Detergents remove all the natural lipids in this layer, including the glycerin and all nourishing triglycerides.

By using detergent based bathing products, skin begins to thin and weaken. As result of getting easier to crack or split, exposing to inflammation,leading to dryness, itching or peeling.

Natural handmade soap is a better option to your skin ?

Here are a few things to consider if you have never bought and used natural handmade soap before :


Natural handmade soap contains the natural moisturizer “Glycerine” which commercial soap is missing. Glycerin is a naturally occurring byproduct of the saponification process which moisturize and soften the skin. Loads of Glycerin remains natural handmade soap. However, commercial soap extracts glycerin and use it in other high-end product line. It is another reason that commercial soap dries out the skin.

Natural Ingredients vs Synthetic Ingredients

Natural handmade soap doesn’t contain any mentioned harmful commercial used chemical, ie no preservatives, no synthetic fragrances, no chemical compounds, nothing but natural ingredients.

Instead of using synthetic ingredients in commercial soap, premium natural soap like Natural Whale natural handmade soap are made from real ingredients : a variety of highly nutritious oils(olive,rice barn,coconut) , butters (shea, cocoa), botanicals (spearmint,lemon myrtle,calendula,ylang ylang,etc.), skin-loving ingredients like manuka honey and valuable natural moisturizer glycerin. It helps to maintain your skin’s natural ph level, your skin will definitely love and benefit from these real and natural ingredients.

There are different kind of soap making method, cold process soap-making preserves the vitamins, minerals, lipo-proteins and enzymes from the soap's premium ingredients.

No harm to the environment, keep our earth green and sustainable

There are studies shows that detergent and chemicals pollute the water source and ocean. Plastic packaging and wrapping of liquid soap or bathing products are also hardly disposable on soil. By using natural bar soap which is made by natural ingredients with recycle packaging, can helps to reduce the negative impact on our mother earth, keep our earth clean and green.

Choosing the best that works with your skin's needs

To keep your skin healthy and balance, choosing what’s best for your skin is very important. Your skin is definitely worth a premium, real ingredients handmade soap that protects your barrier layer in the epidermis. At the same time, you contribute to keep the mother earth sustainable too. So switch from detergent-based bathing products and actually start feeding your skin today!

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