Natural Whale Natural Handmade Soap Is Launched!

After almost 9 months of preparation, we are proud to present our house brand "Natural Whale Natural Handmade Soap", which is launched to the market today!

To celebrate the launching, we offer 10% discount on all items in store ! Order total over $800 free shipping (for Hong Kong only).

Natural Whale Natural Handmade Soap is cold process Australian handmade soap. Our partner has 15 years handmade soap experience and we choose the finest food grade and natural ingredients for every skin types. We use pure essential oil to bring natural scent to you. From deep cleansing, detoxing and exfoliating to nourishing and moisturizing your skin, each soap has its own unique feature to benefit your skin. The nature scent from our soap also uplifts your mood and bring relaxation after a hard day work. Natural Whale Natural Handmade Soap is your daily favorite skin food!

Upholding our vision and purpose, our house brand "Natural Whale Natural Handmade Soap" is made of finest food grade oil and natural ingredients, which benefits both our environment and our skins. We do not use Palm Oil in our soap as to support environmental sustainability. There is no animal testing and it doesn't contain any of Paraben, Sulfate, Petroleum and Phthalate. And because of the natural ingredients of our soap, rinsing water from our shower which goes finally to the ocean, will not toxic the ocean. In additional, our packaging is totally recyclable and biodegradable. From soap itself to packaging, Natural Whale is earth friendly natural soap brand that you must try!

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經過接近9個月的籌備,Dolphin Vibes 推出自家品牌“Natural Whale Natural Handmade Soap”,今日正式全新上市!

為了慶祝上市,我們提供10%的全面產品特價優惠!香港訂單滿$800免運! 千萬不要錯過啊!

Natural Whale Natural Handmade Soap 是冷壓澳洲純天然手工皂。我們的夥伴有15年的手工皂製作經驗,我們為Natural Whale Natural Handmade Soap嚴選高質精萃的食品級油和來自於澳洲及法國的天然用料。我們使用純淨的精油為你帶來天然香味。從深層清潔,排毒和去角質,到滋潤和修復每個細緻肌膚,每款Natural Whale天然手工皂都有其獨特的配方和功能,呵護你幼嫩的肌膚,讓你的肌膚保持水嫩,充滿彈性。同時,來自Natural Whales天然手工皂的天然香味提供了平靜、放鬆的氛圍。在一天勞碌辛苦工作之後使用我們的手工皂,能讓你放鬆身心,舒解疲勞和提升能量。Natural Whale Natural Handmade Soap是你的幼嫩細緻的肌膚每天最喜愛的天然食物!

秉持我們的理念和宗旨,“Natural Whale Natural Handmade Soap”品牌,嚴選最精萃的食品級油和來自於澳洲及法國天然用料。有利於保護我們的環境和你的幼嫩肌膚。為了支持環境可持續性,Natural Whale Natural Handmade Soap絕不使用棕櫚油,並且沒有進行任何動物測試。手工皂不含任何防腐劑,塑化劑,石蠟和人工香料。而由於Natural Whale 採用全天然成分用料,沖洗後的水並沒有帶任何化學物,最後流到海洋時,不會對海洋造成傷害。此外,我們的包裝完全可回收並可生物降解。因此,Natural Whale是地球友好的天然手工皂品牌。

現在來一起為你至愛的肌膚,選擇一款最適合的Natural Whale天然手工皂吧!


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