Take 8 mins break from busy work with Nature

It's only Wednesday!? No, it's ALREADY Wednesday!

Let's take a break with nature for 8 mins. We love to share this beautiful video carrying meaningful message by Alan Watts. Hope you enjoy it too!

"If you can’t trust yourself, you can't trust anything. Because if you can’t trust yourself, can you trust your mistrust of yourself?

To live I must have faith, I must trust myself to the totally unknown, I must trust myself to a nature that doesn't have a boss.

We are to experience ourselves in such a way that we may say that our real body is not just what’s inside the skin. But is rather our whole, total external environment as well.

Because if we don’t experience ourselves that way, we mistreat our environment. There is another self, more really "us" than "I".

And if you become aware of that unknown self.

The more you become aware of it, the more you realize that it is inseparably connected with everything else that there is.

One should above all trust human nature, in the full recognition that it's both good and bad.So then here is a conception of nature as something you must trust outside nature and inside human nature.

Now nature isn't trustworthy, it'll something let you down. But that's the risk you take, that's the risk of life.

Now here's the choice, now you gotta trust it or not and this kid is yourself. Your own nature and all nature around.

if you do trust it you may get let down. We're gonna be mistakes but if you don't trust it at all life's not worth living.

Live I must have faith. I must trust myself totally unknown.

It's a moment that you are perfectly rational human being."

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