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My main concerns about the tableware products for my kids are material safety and the product reputation. Plastic kids products are eliminated on my shopping list for sure as I want to reduce the chance for my toddlers to gain the micro-plastic in their early age.

Last week, I brought Miniware series from Dolphin Vibes (, which is quite impressive to me with the FDA & SGS certified and their transparent "100% natural materials content" label :

40% bamboo fiber / 40% vegan starch / 20% resin powder

Knowing that although many PLA made kid tableware claims to be eco-friendly, most of them don't provide 100% clear content label, which means plastic materials may still be used, Miniware is the first kid tableware on market provides such clear ingredients and that gives me confidence to provide my kids with 100% non-toxic tableware to use.

As my twins love to share their food with each other, with the 2 patent suction foots, which come with the Miniware dish set of 5, they really help to stabilize the bowls on the table without easily flipping over. We also found that the design of the bowl is different from other tableware we'd used before, the bowls and plates angle are almost 90 degree, the depth is deeper and the weight is a little bit heavier. These design help our twins to self feed themselves faster when the food is easier to be scooped up and that gives them satisfication in the learning process.

Although I don't microwave my kids food but I found that Miniware resist temp up to 140 degree (tableware is suggested to be microwave within 1 min). It is really the most heat resistance tableware on the market. So we can wash them by our dishwasher with other tablewares together. Easy to wash and manage.

The color selection of this tableware is also a plus to the health of our toddlers. Different from the colorful chemical dyed kids products, it is only less than 0.0001% natural color dyed (the "natural bamboo" color is its original natural color). Safe for our toddlers to use and also our entire family love to use it.

Overall, we all satisfied with this tableware with many pros. We also love the sustainability and eco-friendly idea of this tableware set. We all take part to save the earth environment for our next generation. With so many great and unique features, we highly recommend this dish set from Dolphin Vibes ( !

Last but not least, Dolphin Vibes provides valuable advice and great customer service, I am fully satisfied with my online shopping experience with them!

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