Miniware - Grow With Your Toddler and Family

Usually, the life cycle of kids tableware which are made of plastic, PLA or melamine is only around 3-4 months. They have poor heat resistance and not eco-friendly at all. Unlike those kid tableware, Miniware is a collection of smart, healthy and contemporary self-feeding products that grow with your family. Miniware can be used at least 3-4 years, and it can resist temp up to 140 degree, which is the most heat resistance kid tableware on the market!

The only tableware on the market which has 100% transparent nature ingredients label : 

Miniware is a delightfully easy to use system of beautiful feeding products which will help your little one learn to self-feed while staying healthy and happy. While your toddler grow up, the set can still be used by entire family. The bamboo fiber that use is not only safe for your family but our earth as well. When the product meets the end of its life cycle, it is safe to burn or break down in soil just like plants.

 Miniware is the tableware which grow with your toddler and family!

Family time! Let's have snack and movie with Miniware!

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