Dolphin Vibes x Miniware : Happy Meal From Happy Minime Dylan

We loved using the bowl and plate set from Dolphin Vibes ( and so did our toddler son.

To start, the bowls and plate come in beautiful pastel colors. We felt we could use them not only with our son but also for entertaining friends, or just for our own dinner. They're also incredibly sturdy—they held up great with our son banging on them with his utensils (as toddlers love to do!). They are easy to clean and dried quickly, which was good because we were using them multiple times a day.

We found the design of the bowls and plates to be quite unique. The depth of the bowl is enough that his food stays inside instead of sloshing around. We served the less messy finger foods on the plate and found it perfect for this purpose. The coolest feature is the suction cup that attaches to the bottom, which held the bowls in place and gave us peace of mind that his dinner wouldn't end up on the floor. The cups attached to a lot of different types of surfaces so we were able to take the set out with us if we went to a restaurant.

Since we are raising the next generation in an uncertain world, a lot of parents are concerned about what state we're leaving the Earth in for our kids. This is another point we liked about the set: the materials are natural, and there's no dangerous chemicals or plastics. The set will last for years as opposed to months, so we can use it again with our next child without worrying about contamination of their food, or the Earth. We're very pleased with this product and would absolutely recommend it for eco-minded parents who are looking for a practical solution to toddler tableware.

Thank you for Dolphin Vibes recommendation and their great customer service!

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