How we Start

About Dolphin Vibes . Our story begins with Diving 

7 years ago, a group of friends took diving course together. We felt so excited to explore the beautiful ocean, but as we dive in different area of the ocean, we found out that there are so many plastic garbage lying on the sea bed or floating around the middle of ocean, looks like they came from nowhere.  Also, the documentaries about the massive amount of died coral around the world,which are filmed by discovery channel or NGO, they are all true as we witness with our own eyes.

From that moment, we continuously participate the ICC activities (International Coastal Cleanup), help collecting all the garbage which follow the ocean current rushing to different coasts. Each time, there are over hundred tons of garbage are being collected and mostly are plastic products. The coasts are all clear for a few weeks, but then the garbage rush back again, it seems like an endless cycle and it is a global crisis. 

By studying lots of reports on plastic pollution to soil and ocean, they indicate the overuse of plastics toxic our health and our environment. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by weight (Ellen MacArthur Foundation). And that plastic is ending up in the seafood, which we are consuming.

So we started to re-examine our consumption habits. What we can do to reduce the burden from using plastics, what kind of change on our daily habits in order to achieve a healthier life which co-exist with our lovely earth.

These are the experiences inspired us to establish Dolphin Vibes. It's never too late to take an action and make a change together. It all start with you and taking that first step.

Our Mission

Love children. Love ourselves. Love earth.


Dolphin Vibes is committed to help you live a conscious and inspired life.

Our aim is to promote sustainable and conscious consumption, Starting by using eco-friendly and organic products, it helps to reduce as many plastics and toxic waste as possible to our environment. We together produce health life cycle with our earth.

More in progress...

Love Life. Love Nature. Love Earth.

Dolphin Vibes is committed to promote conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle. Every conscious choice you made, they impact on you, your surrounding and the environment. As an individual, you have a lot of power. And together, that's where the real power lies.

Realizing the sustainable and conscious consumption can be the first step to achieve a zero waste, healthy and minimalistic lifestyle. Our team aim to carefully select the eco-friendly and organic brand products for you. These conscious brand products are carefully made by naturally derived, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients that don't negatively impact the environment or your family’s health. We together build a sustainable environment for us and our next generation, as well as create a healthy life cycle with our earth.

We are continuously searching for earth-friendly, natural, organic, non-toxic products. If you are one of these conscious brand and search for a portal to sell your products. Please feel free to contact us.

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